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The Night Before Enlisting (2016)

( High Quality )

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FILM DETAILS 2 years ago
The Night Before Enlisting (2016)

Genre: Asian, Ass, Japanese, Perfect Body

IMDB Rating: 9.2

Director: Kim Seung-wook-I, Kim Sang-cheol-I, Lee Seon-yeong-III, Lim Hyeong-soon, Heo Yoon-joo

Cast: Three nights before enlisting, Seung-wook decides to leave his mark since he can’t avoid the military so he flirts with everyone. However, his school senior So-yoon nor his blind date Il-hong will fall for him. The night before he leaves for the army, Seung-wook decides he’s going to see some action with the two girls. The project of ‘leaving a mark’ starts now.


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