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Lady Ninja Kaede (2007)

( High Quality )

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FILM DETAILS 2 years ago
Lady Ninja Kaede (2007)

Genre: Asian, Ass, Beach, Beauty, Big Boobs, Big Tits, Blowjob

IMDB Rating: 9.3

Director: Luna Akatsuki, Kôji Fujiyoshi, Kazu Itsuki

Cast: A girl from a peaceful, Edo-era Japanese village seeks revenge for the death of a disgraced elder with the help of her sister and a lethal lady ninja nun. It’s the time of the samurai and ninja, and Shogun Yoshimune rules Japan. Beneath the idyllic façade of the quant villages populating the countryside dwells a twisted sexual underbelly that affects the wealthy and impoverished alike. When one of the village elders commits seppuku after being raped, Kaede and her sister decide to take justice into their own hands and track down the perpetrator. Aided by a nun who believes in Old Testament-style retribution, the two sisters embark on a bloody mission of vengeance. Along the way, the three women slice and dice their way through lies and secrets while discovering that the story behind the rape is much more complex than any of them suspected. Kaeda was an innocent maiden living in a peaceful farming village, until a band of samurai brutally assaulted the village elder. Swearing revenge, Kaeda is joined by a female ninja nun who trains her in the arts of combat, deception and seduction. As Kaeda tracks down the samurai, she discovers the truth behind the attack as lies and secrets are revealed behind a trail of clothing, sweat, and blood.


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